My Story

My Story

My journey with the Reformer began a decade ago when I integrated three machines into my Hot Yoga Studio business. Recognising the transformative potential of these remarkable devices in enhancing posture, core strength, and flexibility, I foresaw their significance in addressing modern lifestyle challenges, particularly with the rise of remote work and its impact on posture.

Although my Hot Yoga business closed amidst the challenges of Covid-19, it sparked a realisation: the future lies in Reformer Pilates, with a growing demand for home practice. My vision is to democratise access to Reformers, ensuring affordability, so that individuals can reap the myriad benefits this exercise modality offers in terms of health and alignment.

Thrive In Your Fitness Journey

Moreover, I am committed to providing support and engagement for practitioners through live classes and on-demand videos. It’s my belief that by making Reformers accessible and offering comprehensive support, we can empower individuals to prioritise their well-being and thrive in their fitness journeys.

Benefit from our dynamic instructors and diverse range of on-demand classes, all aimed at supporting your journey towards improved health, well-being, and body confidence. At our core, inclusivity is paramount, reflected in our thoughtful selection of bed and payment options, as well as class styles, to ensure everyone feels welcome and catered to.